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About HeadStart


Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

The Headstart project is set within a context where the field of artificial intelligence (AI) exhibits a considerable gender disparity, with women markedly underrepresented. Its objective is to address this by empowering young women and educators with essential skills, knowledge, and networks. By offering resources such as visual showcases, AI toolkits, and networking opportunities, Headstart aims to inspire and support the next generation of women in AI, striving for systemic change towards a more inclusive and diverse AI community.


The Headstart project addresses the problem of gender disparity in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This issue is characterized by a significant underrepresentation of women in AI roles, which includes a lack of female professionals in technical positions, leadership roles, and AI research and development. The gender gap not only affects women's participation and career advancement in this cutting-edge sector but also influences the diversity of thought, creativity, and inclusivity in AI innovations. By focusing on empowering young women and educators, Headstart seeks to tackle these challenges directly. It aims to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and opportunities to thrive in AI, thereby fostering a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable AI community.

The objective of the Headstart project is to narrow the gender gap in the artificial intelligence (AI) field by empowering young women and educators with the necessary tools, knowledge, and networks for success.
The project sets out to achieve this through four primary activities: producing visual resources showcasing successful women in AI, developing AI toolkits for youth educators, organising networking and mentoring sessions, and enhancing the project's visibility with a Share and Sustain strategy. By providing support and resources, Headstart aims to inspire young women to pursue careers in AI, equip educators with the means to effectively teach AI, and foster a community that supports gender diversity and inclusion within the AI sector. Ultimately, the project strives for systemic change leading to a more diverse and equitable AI community.

Target Group

Individuals who are at the early stages of their education or career path, specifically targeted to address and reduce the gender gap in AI and STEM fields.

Teachers, mentors, and trainers who play a crucial role in inspiring and educating the next generation, particularly in promoting gender-inclusive AI education.

Entities that engage with young people, including educational institutions, non-profit organisations, and community groups, aiming to foster an interest in AI among young women.

This includes policy makers, industry leaders, and academic researchers who influence the direction of AI education and can drive systemic change towards a more gender-balanced AI landscape