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Project Activities


Visual Showcase Resources

The Visual Resource Showcase targets the AI gender gap by offering visual resources to young women and educators, encouraging fair involvement. It involves producing educational content with women in AI to inspire young women and equip educators for inclusive teaching. The result is an online collection of interviews and adaptable, multilingual content to boost AI understanding, confidence, and inclusivity.


AI Toolbox for Youth Educators

The Headstart AI Toolbox equips educators with gender-appropriate AI materials to prepare young women for AI careers, involving workshops and ethical AI training. The project enhances AI skills, teaching methods, and promotes inclusivity in AI education. Main outcomes include practical AI experience for young women and improved teaching resources for educators.


Networking and Mentoring Sessions

The Networking and Mentoring sessions offer mentorship from female AI professionals to young women, fostering confidence and career insights in AI. Key outcomes include a guide for organising effective sessions, direct mentorship for over 80 young women, and a sustainable model for future engagement, promoting a more inclusive AI sector.