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Project Partners

Advocates for female empowerment and equality, Momentum is a hard- working Irish educator focused on developing progressive learning programmes (course curriculum and content development) and platforms for education. With a special focus on female or minority empowerment, Momentum has extensive experience in youth-training and further education in digital skills. Our team helps educators and youth trainers respond to the dynamic and changing needs they experience and thus we aim to provide more sustainable employment and futures to youth (& adult) learners. We train and mentor hundreds per annum and we advise networks and policymakers.  Momentum also has a strong marketing and dissemination division specialising in brand development, content generation, communication strategies, digital media and social media attracting high-profile attention to our programmes. We are very proud of our role in developing the HeadStart brand that is carried through the project.

WIDE ANDCO is a social enterprise creating impact and bringing new solutions to close the gender and digital skills gap in our society, especially in leveraging International cooperations and bringing new services and innovation to the public & private sectors. Our team is committed to supporting women already active in IT and STEM, as well as those aspiring to enter these fields.

Our work includes among others:

Training for the development of digital skills, around coding, in particular for children, youth and women, making diversity our priority.

Support and coach individuals and new entrepreneurs in creating businesses or in professional retraining towards digital jobs by offering incubation programmes to develop new skills and make a step forward toward creating sustainable businesses.

Promote exchanges of good practices, and transfer the knowledge on equality and digital skills at national, cross-border, European and international levels. With more than 6 years of experience in coordinating Erasmus+ projects, in collaborative methods, training, inclusive entrepreneurship, and employability, WIDE ANDCO is strongly equipped to make a meaningful impact through this project.

Inspiring Girls Portugal is dedicated to increasing young women's professional ambitions by connecting them with successful women from various fields, industries, and lifestyles. Their mission is to inspire and uplift the dreams and aspirations of these young women through education, self-awareness, and sharing. The organisation offers various activities including inspirational talks, speed networking, special projects, and has a Video Hub providing free access to career talks by women worldwide.

The European E-learning Institute (EUEI) champions the transformative power of digital learning, blending cutting-edge technology with innovative teaching methods to offer accessible, inclusive, and engaging educational experiences. Our experienced team collaborates with over 160 partners to develop and deliver a diverse portfolio of 26 online courses to more than 20,000 students. Specializing in accessibility and leveraging the latest advancements such as AI and Virtual Reality, EUEI is at the forefront of creating personalized and immersive learning journeys, affirming our commitment to reshaping the landscape of education for a digital age.